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  • Fried Pork Spring Roll

    ground pork, mushrooms, taro, carrots, cabbage and noodles in a rice wrapper and deep fried
  • Fiery Rangoon

    cream cheese, jalapeno, and sriracha in a wonton wrapper and deep fried
SANDWICHES/RICE BOXES - served with: pickled daikon + carrots, jalapeño, cucumber, cilantro, red onion, and whipped butter
  • Beefy Korean

    grilled marinated beef, house fiery mayo
  • The Viet

    grilled marinated pork shoulder, house special sauce
  • Sloppy Thai

    ground Thai basil chicken, fried egg
  • Banh Mi Long Time

    sweet filipino longanisa sausage, fried egg
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

  • Thai Iced Tea

Mom Knows Best
The Sandwich has been an American lunchtime staple since the 1920’s when Moms were given the gift of sliced bread. Lunchboxes have been since then packed with zip locked ham and cheeses and classic PB&J’s. Decades later, we are still looking to the perfect sandwich to give us that quick, satisfying bite of goodness. With constant culinary inventiveness and influences from around the world, the sandwich has revolutionized to become a true edible testament of our city’s diversity.
Banh Mi, Please
From the Panini to the Cubano to the French dipped-there is a sandwich that represents what mothers have made for lunch on every kitchen counter. For the Vietnamese, it’s the Banh Mi. East meets West in this one-of-a-kind sandwich where cooked, cured, and pickled are placed neatly in a French Baguette for a myriad of flavors that stimulate. The Banh Mi has been well-received in kitchens and food trucks across the country, but even classics need innovation.
Chicago Lunchbox, Banh Mi with a Twist
Chicago Lunchbox wants to bring to you a mix of the old and new. Coming from a Vietnamese-American background, sandwich slanger John Nguyen has added a twist to tradition. Inspired by his upbringing in authentic Vietnamese kitchens and his own appreciation of the best of Asian flavors, he has created Banh Mi sandwiches that pay tribute to all things yum. From John’s favorite Thai dish, ground Thai basil chicken, to longanisa, the savory Filipino breakfast sausage, there is no lack of creativity found in these lunchboxes.


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